Call Name: Zeva

Color: Blue Fawn 
Born: 01/22/2014
Weight: 146 lbs
Height: 34. inches

Zeva  is a Hoot, Loves everyone, allows people to see and hold her babies, she is an EXCELLENT Mommy, She is just the Best Girl all around, Such a Goof ball and will not allow for a Good pic lol, She has also been fully health tested all with in Good And Normal Range ( Chic Numbers 114110)

Call Name: Aris 

Color: Harlequin ( Chocolate Carrier)
Born: 02/05/2014
Height: 33 1/2 inches 

This girl is amazing, this is the Goofiest Female that we have ever had, if she does not want to do something she will lay down at your feet and look at you like what did I do, She is also an amazing Mom, Loves everyone , Especially our Vet, She has had her Hips done (Good Per Vet) Had to be resent to OFFA 4 tries cause X-ray was off, Getting Pin hip, Eyes, Heart, Thyroid, Normal and Elbows Good 

Call Name : Katniss 

Color: Chocolate Merle 

Born: 10/27/2015
Height: 32 1/2 inches 

Katniss is a sweet baby, she loves Kids and her Family, she makes the funniest faces, she is am amazing girl, Has had her eyes and Heart done, with Normal results 

Call Name: Ruby

Color: Chocolate Harlequin 

Ruby is a Beautiful, sweet baby, she is Shy at 1st and then comes around, she is amazing with all dogs, KIDS, and people.