Things to know if you decide for us to crop your puppy’s ears:

· The Ear Cropping is performed by a licensed Veterinarian Dr. Ann,  normally crop their ears between 7- 10 weeks of age.  

The puppy will stay with us an extra 10-14 days after Surgery  (Stitches normally come out 10-14 days after surgery)

· Deciding what style of crop you want. They are 2 different styles of Ear Cropping We offer  they are: Medium Pet Crop . I think this looks very nice and it is easier to maintain after care.  Show Crop- (Is my personal favorite the show crop is just a longer taller crop. With the longer taller crop you increase your chances of the ears not to stand and may require longer tapping.  However there are a lot of factors that the veterinarian has to consider before cropping the puppies ears. With that being said we truly trust our Vets capability of determining the best suitable crop for each individual puppy. 

· Taping can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 10 months depending on the puppy before their ears will stand properly.  Understand that it will be the buyers responsibly to find a Vet that will be willing to re-tape your puppy’s ears, or you may re-tape them yourself, There will be no guarantee if they will stand or stand correct.

With any surgical procedure, there are risks involved with putting any animal under anesthesia.  There is No Guarantee on Ear Cropping, size, style or quality.  Before your puppy undergoes surgery it will receive a vet examination to ensure your puppy is healthy to and ready for surgery.  You the buyer understand that Aiden's Great Danes  (seller) will not be held responsible for any damage or loss that should be caused by choosing to have the puppies ears cropped.